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Hi, I'm Clare.

I'm a Mom, busy entrepreneur, Functional Medicine Practitioner, South   African-Brit living in Denver, Colorado.

I reversed my own metabolic mess  to teach women how to take back control of your health. 

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Get started on your journey to better health with our FREE Kelway Morning Routine for Busy Women.  

You'll discover how to create a routine that ups your energy, lowers your stress, balances your hormones and jumpstarts your metabolism. 

about Clare Kelway

I'm so glad you're here. 

 I teach busy, professional women to take back control of your health.  Finding a trusted health partner in the craziness of an over-crowded marketplace can be confusing and overwhelming.  I can help you find answers to your hormone imbalances, gut health issues and weight loss misery with science-backed personalized functional health programs. 

Is it peri-menopause or yikes even the dreaded menopause?  

I won't stop at addressing your symptoms - I will help you with kick-ass sustainable solutions to the underlying root causes of your sleep problems, "brain fog", belly fat, anxiety and more.

I am an ex-corporate girl who crashed and burned from hormone, gut and detox problems. This led me to retrain in Homeopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine. My passion for the past 20 years is helping women receive the health help they richly deserve. 

My health consultancy is Kelway Functional Medicine.  We are a virtual consultancy serving women across the US and beyond.   

Clare xx

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We know that when you're suffering with unwanted sweats, heavy periods, anxiety, or constipation, the last thing you want to do is worry about finding a trustworthy, experienced health partner.  At Kelway Functional Medicine, you can rest assured that we'll take really great care of you, getting to the root cause of your issues and putting together a roadmap that makes sense to you, is doable and sustainable.

Our Services

Our services can help you optimize hormones, sleep, low energy, inflammation, anxiety, belly fat, metabolic issues and digestive distress. Don't wait til its an emergency, be proactive.

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Schedule your 15 min. free strategy call  to ask your questions and find out whether our services are a good fit for you. You are certain to walk away with a couple of golden nuggets no matter what.  


Learn about lifestyle interventions, hormone hot topics such as PCOS, pregnancy preparation, digestive issues such as SIBO, reflux, fat metabolism, carb metabolism, diets and so much more.  

See what our clients are saying about us

"Clare has been my path maker to health. My physical strength has made a turnaround and my immunity is greatly improved. I look forward to working with her for many years to come."

Tina H, Paducah KY

"Clare has helped me immensely with my gut health. She is professional, empathetic and really cares about her clients. She is responsive to any concerns or questions that I may have."

Marsha B, Denver CO

Your STress & Anxiety management guide

Learn how to overcome daily stressors that lead to anxiety & overwhelm. Master your stress without pills.  

Clare Kelway longmont co

Feeling disconnected from your body and out of sorts?  

Ever feel like you no longer have that mental edge you know you should have in key business meetings?

Is your confidence suffering because of weird hormone and digestive symptoms that you can't accept at your age? 

Join thousands of other women who have restored their health through Lifestyle & Functional Medicine. 

Metabolize Your Way to Wellness 
from the comfort of your own home

Kelway Morning Routine for busy women

Download your
Kelway Morning Routine for exhausted professional women.

Discover the tools to create a morning routine that will increase your energy, reduce your stress, balance your hormones and jumpstart your metabolism.