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I teach entrepreneurs and business owners simple functional health strategies that will enable you to take back control of your health   - overcome your hormone havoc, digestive distress and metabolic mayhem to enjoy greater productivity, better focus and abundant energy so you can live the life you have dreamed about since you were a little girl.

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“Be intentional and grateful every day. There is a greater purpose at work.”  - Clare Kelway

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7 Smart Strategies for Greater Mental Focus and Energy

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We need more people like Clare in the world! She has been great for giving me health insights. I highly recommend Clare to anyone. Reach out to her and take in all she has to offer.

Jason F Jason F
Professional Baseball Player, California

Clare has been my path maker to health.  My physical condition has made a turn around and my immunity is strengthened.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Tina H Tina H

I've had a lot of Natural Health experiences on my journey. Going to Dr Clare has been one of my best experiences. She focuses on the big picture of your health needs while finding a solution that's cost-effective and simple.

Kalli V Kalli V

After 45 minutes of listening to me, Clare knew exactly what was needed to make my system right. I have been on the products for a week now and the gurgling in my intestines/digestive track has completely subsided and the sleep has been better than ever. I can never thank Clare and Kelway Functional Medicine enough for being in my life and keeping my internal network working as they should. THANK FOR being in my life.

Michael L Michael L

 I learned of Clare Kelway and made an appointment to see her.  I am feeling so much better in a short span of time. I am experiencing sound sleep every night and I have energy.  The one health issue that was concerning me is next thing to being gone and I am overjoyed. Her expertise is beyond words and her program is so simple.  She had me do a test that takes the guess work out of the equation.

If you are having health issues large or small, please google Kelway Functional Medicine and give her a try.  I recommend her highly. You will not be disappointed.

Rose M

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