Great To Meet You, I'm Clare Kelway

Mom, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Autoimmune Survivor!

Are you sick and tired of being too exhausted to achieve your goals? Do you hope that your health will improve enough that you can still go after your dreams?

Are you fed up with bloating, gas and too much belly fat?   Maybe your health causes you anxiety and you don't know who to trust in this  information overload age?

Hi, my name is Clare Kelway.  And I can relate.  I too was frustrated.  I found myself in my 30's suffering with irritable bowel type symptoms that I was told was normal.  I had all the disease based diagnostic tests.  I did the rounds of multiple specialists with medical titles I couldn't pronounce. Nothing showed up.

Then I fell ill with a virus that just didn't go away.  I dragged myself around for a few weeks.  I was a management consultant working in the City of London and had tight project deadlines. I didn't have time to be sick.  And after all, doctors just kept telling me nothing was wrong.

Imagine my horror when one foggy November morning, I couldn't get out of bed.  I had run my body into the ground and something had stopped me.  My joints were killing me and I just couldn't move.  Not one for drama and certainly not one to stay home - I tried to get myself moving. Nothing worked.  Defeated I called my MD.



I was told I was faking my symptoms and that I should just take some drugs and I would feel better!!  Ultimately I learned that I was suffering chronic fatigue syndrome and since then I have also been diagnosed with Grave's disease both of which are related metabolic illnesses. I have successfully reversed my autoimmunity and love the life I live. And not only did I learn how to turn my own health around, I discovered my calling for helping others. I spent 4 years in formal training as a homeopath and naturopath.

I have since added other health disciplines to my lifelong passion.  3 years ago I did a mentorship in Functional Medicine with the Kalish Institute.  Today I run my virtual practice from Erie, Colorado and help people across the US and the globe with their health challenges.  My specialties are metabolic illnesses including blood sugar management, hormones, anxiety, weight management and brain health.

Most of my clients seek help because they can't fulfill their dreams to have a family; travel the world; be a world changer; become a world class athlete or just get up with vitality each day and contribute to their family and their community.

Do you relate? Then I can help!

John W John W

Clare Kelway is amazing and truly a God send for me.  She has taught me so much about clinical nutrition. She knows her stuff and I know she is helping me to win the battle I have been fighting. I recommend her to so many people. 

Tina H Tina H

Clare Kelway has been my path maker to health, she has taught me so much and listens carefully to me. My physical condition has made a turnaround and my immunity is strengthened. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

“I am so grateful that God gave me three amazing sons! I am blessed beyond measure, especially given that I was told I would never have children.  Your health is everything.” - Clare Kelway

The work we do at Kelway Functional Medicine is lab based but these are not like the labs that your medical doctor runs which are disease based.   These are functional preventative health labs that are determining what health systems need assistance.  We consider all aspects of your health but mostly hormones, gut health and detoxification pathways. You are a combination of genetics and environmental influences.  We take a detailed look at your health history, probably the first time your detailed history of events has ever been reviewed. The we combine lab results with diet, lifestyle and clinical nutrition for quantum change.

We are not replacing your medical health professionals.  They are concerned with your disease states.  We are concerned with your health states.  So many health issues have an underlying gut infection or nutrient imbalances.  We find the root cause and then combine this with your current symptoms to put a workable plan in place for reversing your health challenges. We are health detectives and facilitators and our education style is to empower you to be your best own health coach.



Book a FREE consultation to specifically discuss your health questions.  Our information is acquired via experience, learning, attending conferences and reading research papers.

No matter your current condition or diagnosis, your body has an innate intelligence that if ignited can restore your health.

I hope my story inspires YOU that it is never too late to change your life. If you are willing to work with a professional who can help you see what you cannot see for yourself, you can discover how to restore your health.

I am grateful for my life as a health professional, entrepreneur, mom, wife and daughter of the King.  When I am not consulting with clients or cooking for friends and family, you will find me in the great outdoors of Colorado. I love to hike, ski, snowshoe, fish and camp.

I can't wait to meet you and hear your story.

Our mission is to educate our clients to become the healthiest people so they can realize their live's purpose on this planet. 


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