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Discover how you can balance your messy hormones, gut challenges and detoxification or weight issues with our help.  Your first step is to schedule your FREE Discovery Call with a member of our team to ask your questions and learn how our services can serve you best.

Whether you have worked with a Functional Medicine practitioner before or you are brand new to Functional Medicine and still not sure what it is all about, schedule a call to find out why we are different and how our model can best serve you in a timely cost effective way to take back control of your health. We follow a 7 step system of health transformation that is evidence-based, science backed and proven by our clients.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain by investing 15 minutes of your life in a call that could facilitate the start of the health transformation you may have been seeking for a very long time.


  • Learn how Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of your health issues
  • Discuss your Health goals and expectations
  • Determine your key health challenges
  • Get your questions answered
  • Discuss next steps....

Your Consultations

  • We consult via phone or Zoom HIPAA compliant video conference
  • No traffic hassle - conference from the comfort of your home, office or car
  • All consultations are time recorded so you only pay for the time you need
  • Fees vary - contact our office for more details
  • All appointments and orders are payable at the time of ordering or scheduling
  • Your initial consultation will be 55 minutes long

    Functional medicine is first about lifestyle, then clinical labs and nutrition.

    We find that almost every client is excited to make the necessary changes when they discover the underlying cause of their misery.

    Functional medicine is root cause medicine and it is critical to know how to plan the order of treatments to get the best results.

    This is what working with a professional can do for you.

    There is loads of information online and often the components to your treatment can be pieced together using various websites.

    But what we hear most from clients is that they couldn't have known the order of treatment by themselves.

    And frankly, they want a coach/guide to walk alongside them as they progress through a program.  Every athlete and high performer knows that working with a coach is better than trying to figure life out on your own.

    It allows you to shortcut your journey and get to your destination faster so you can continue with your life in an energetic and healthy way.

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