The Current Health Crisis

When we have health concerns, we normally visit our local medical doctor. We don’t immediately think of a functional medicine practitioner. At least you don’t if you are not yet familiar with alternative medicine. But we are living in an increasingly complex and chronic illness society. People are seeking other ways to solve their health challenges. So much so, alternative medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Alternative medicine which includes Functional Medicine is currently a $30 billion per annum global industry projected to grow to $210 billion per annum by 2026. 


There is a shift from the traditional medical model which is a disease centered approach of care to a functional medicine model of care which is a client centered approach of care.

Traditional medicine considers symptoms presented at the time of consultation and matches those symptoms to a pharmaceutical drug. It does not consider diet, lifestyle or genetics. It is as if these factors don’t affect the client’s well being at all.

In traditional medicine, the medical doctor is the expert and in charge of your health. You have outsourced your health to your physician.

Traditional medicine’s culture has been led by the insurance company and people have been led to believe that health is “free” and should be covered by their insurance.

This is no longer true. Most people have large deductibles before any insurance cover. Co pays are a large percentage of the cost of treatment too. US healthcare costs have gotten out of control. and also copay are large percentages of the cost now that healthcare costs have gotten out of control, especially in the United States.

So what is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a systems approach to healthcare that is all about getting to the root causes of your health issues rather than symptomatology. It addresses the exponential increases in chronic conditions in the United States today. Chronic conditions that traditional medicine struggles to correct.  

Functional medicine as a system of medicine considers genetics, environment and lifestyle factors. It also takes into account a detailed client health and emotional history.  

A functional medicine practitioner will teach you to take back control of your health. They will teach you when to consult health experts for insights, lab analysis and strategies.

  • Functional medicine engages both the practitioner and the client in a therapeutic partnership. It is focused on your long-term health benefits rather than your short term disease symptoms.  

  • Clients meet the costs of functional medicine costs and not the insurance companies. There are currently studies underway to research how to include preventative health strategies in insurance packages.

As long as you continue to believe you can get “free” health care, there is little incentive to make the radical lifestyle changes necessary for your health transformation.

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.


How come Paracelsus, who lived in the late 1400’s, knew what was needed for your health? And yet, traditional medicine today still considers it radical to include genetics, lifestyle, environment and diet as a functional part your health plan?

So why consider a functional medicine practitioner?

Well, simply because you may have some health issues that are not being taken care of at your Doctor’s office. Your doctor is about keeping you out of the hospital. But this is not health care – this is sick care.

It is the operating system for your health. 

Functional medicine is not a quick fix, it is a process and requires education and compliance. This work requires facilitation by a skilled and qualified functional medicine practitioner. Being a functional medicine practitioner, is like being a health detective. This means we are seeking to unravel even decades of health issues, and connect the dots between defining moments in your life. The functional process is to reverse these layers of illness. Practitioners are trained to help you change your daily habits. This process takes time.  

The demand for practitioners

The demand for Functional medicine practitioners in the US is exponentially growing. Functional medicine is like the saying: “if you are not looking for it, you won’t find it. And if you are looking for it, it is all around you. ”

In the USA, there are fewer providers of functional medicine than client demand. 

Clients who seek functional medicine services tend to be educated about their health. They are ready to invest in their healthcare in the short term in order to save money in the long term on doctors and chronic disease. Functional medicine empowers our clients to play an active role in their own health.

Our clients work with us in a therapeutic program for up to 12 months before they move into a maintenance program. We currently offer services a la carte and they pay as they go.

We serve men and women who are seeking to prevent serious illness later in life. They may be watching their parents suffer with serious chronic illnesses and don’t want to suffer the same way. They also want to help their children live healthier lives. 

Without lifestyle changes and dietary interventions, supplements and other therapies can be a waste of time and money.

However, lifestyle changes alone will not produce the gut shifts needed to restore balance. Clinical nutrient interventions are an important part of your program.  

Kelway Functional Medicine

Kelway Functional Medicine is a virtual practice based in Erie, Colorado.

  • This means that you can consult us from anywhere in the US, even from your home, your car or your office.
  • Just a video link from a place of comfort for you.
  • No stressful commutes.
  • We use a HIPAA compliant system.
  • Most of the labs that you order will come to your home. If you need a blood draw, you will go to a local lab. Our office will receive your lab results. Your health program is drop shipped to your home.

Consulting a Functional Medicine practitioner to learn how to manage environmental toxic exposure

Sometimes clients come to our clinic to learn how to protect themselves from this daily toxic overload.  Poor detox pathways causes many metabolic illnesses. This includes weight gain, hormone imbalances, thyroid autoimmunity, blood sugar changes and cellular changes.  

The US has become a very toxic environment.

Everyday, hundreds of chemicals bombard your body. Your liver is not designed to cope with this load.  Our genetics have simply not adapted to the world we live in. There are 79,000 chemicals we know about in our environment. 

You can apply for your free consultation if you are curious about functional medicine and how Clare Kelway can help you.We look forward to serving you.