When I think about Time Management for Busy Moms, I think about busy moms running an entrepreneurial venture from home.

So what is time management for busy moms running a home business?

Firstly I will start with sleep.


If you are not getting enough quality sleep; you cannot possibly manage your business and your time effectively.  Good sleep is essential. Many moms suffer from sleep deprivation. You need to get to sleep by 10.30 pm ( yes you night owls) and then you can get up by 5.30 am at the earliest.

You will have gotten 7 solid hours of sleep which is a minimum for great health.


Secondly, you need good nutrition.  And this goes beyond what you eat.  If you have followed my blog, you will know how I talk about the lack of nutrients in our soil. Therefore you must supplement with essential nutrients.

When you have great nutrition, you will be generating great energy and this eases the process of organizing your time management.

Blocks of Time

Work in blocks of time, preferably 25-minute blocks. I recommend you use an app to help you with this and the one I like is Procrastor App. This allows you to organize your day between family duties and business responsibilities.

Say NO to Unnecessary Things

Learning to say NO to unnecessary things is one of the most important skills you can learn as a busy mom. Do you really need to do that thing your friend wants you to do?

We are all being pulled in multiple directions by outside sources and it is critical you learn what is important to you and stick to your plan.

Time Management for Busy Moms conclusion

In conclusion, the most important factor in time management for busy moms is determining what your key priorities and tasks are.  You can use productivity tools once you have determined your priorities.

For more help with your business and your priorities, you can apply to work with me.  I offer individual coaching that includes productivity coaching.

I find it more difficult to balance my role as a mother than I do as an entrepreneur.  Making sure I am attending events for my sons can be challenging in my busy home business schedule.

As a busy mom, what time management issues do you struggle with?

Comment below.