I’ve received so many questions about a respiratory virus and how to protect your family. If you know me, you know I focus on seeking out of the box solutions to the lifestyle and health problems we face in our daily lives.

Here at Kelway Functional Medicine, we apply what we consider to be common sense based on what we know about the human body (and the virus itself). So let’s examine what this actually means.

We do know that our bodies are designed to fight off viruses. 

When it cannot fight these viruses off, your immune system is compromised.  Your body’s defenses are not working effectively. Healthy people may not even know that they contracted the virus which of course, is an issue for transmission and infecting other people.

So what should you do? It is super simple!

  1. Strengthen and optimize your immune system and 
  2. Create an internal environment where disease cannot exist. 

​You are exposed to hundreds of viruses annually that you don’t even know about. Your immune system is so beautifully made, it is fighting off viruses and bacteria every minute of every day.  

Perhaps you might have a sore throat for a few hours, or feel more tired than usual but you are not aware of any other symptoms.  Within a day you are back to your normal full health. But this depends largely on the health of your microbiome or your gut health.

This discovery was published in the scientific journal Nature Immunology in 2015 and alters the way in which researchers and doctors previously understood the immune system. 

“Our study fundamentally alters our understanding of how the body begins its defense against viruses. This can help to explain how we can be constantly exposed to the viruses and bacteria that always surround us, without activating the entire immune system every time, something that would lead to more frequent influenza-like symptoms,” says Soren Riis Paludan, professor at the Department of Bio medicine at Aarhus University.

What are my 4 top tips for boosting your immunity:

  1. Vitamin D – minimum of 5000 IU per day. Take 5000 IU of Vitamin D daily including K2 and K3. Vitamin D has been shown to be even more effective than the flu vaccine at boosting your immunity. Your body needs vitamin D at this time of year, because we are not getting the sun exposure that is so necessary for our health. This is a key reason why people get sick in the first place – lack of vitamin D. I always test client’s Vitamin D levels and the majority of lab tests I see are dismally low levels.
  2. Test your pH. Purchase some pH papers, and check your first morning urine pH. If it is not between 6.4 pH and 7.0 pH, then you need to boost your alkalinity using potassium among other things. A balanced pH boosts your immune system.  Digestion and your gut health begins in your mouth and this starts with your pH. And then your stomach health, if you have healthy acid in your stomach, you will be able to ward off pathogens and keep them out of your gut.
  3. ​Take a broad spectrum antimicrobial to boost your gut immunity. We recommend Biocidin as the most effective antimicrobial for this purpose. We recommend Olivirex as an antiviral, Biocidin as an antimicrobial and the throat spray to attack pathogens at their entry point. 
  4. Take Vitamin C – either Buffered powder or liposomal version. We recommend 2000 IU per day for anyone, but increasing to at least 10000 IU divided dose per day if you are unwell. Vitamin C appears to be so effective that the Chinese government and medical authorities are using it to treat Corona virus infected patients. Why isn’t this being talked about more?

My other immune boosting recommendations against respiratory virus

  • A soil based humic ionic gut product to replenish the gut and nourish the tight junctions.  
  • Probiotics: we like a multi strain broad spectrum probiotic that delivers at least 25 Billion CFU. Please note that you should not be taking probiotics consistently.
  • Selenium – look for a combination with zinc, copper and selenium to cover the co factors.
  • A good multi vitamin/mineral delivering your essential nutrients- our food just can’t deliver all the nutrients we require on a daily basis. Your immune system may be compromised due to a lack of basic nutrients.
  • Drink plenty of clean water – ½ of your body weight in oz of clean water.
  • Get out and get fresh air regularly. Air your home.
  • Breathe and relax. Stress is a killer.
  • Also consider incorporating Black and Green Tea, Cinnamon, Resveratrol and Garlic into your life. Did you know that studies have shown that drinking green and black tea has hundreds of evidence-based potential health benefits including reducing MRSA infection risk by 50%.​​

And what about your home?​

For keeping your home healthy and clean – we prefer a natural spray for your surfaces at home that doesn’t kill off the good bacteria and doesn’t act like an antibiotic for your home leaving your immune system exposed.

You know the risks of antibiotics right?

So why spray products in your home that are designed to kill every microbe including the microbes that save our lives?

Virus disruption to our lives

While I share everyone’s concerns about the major disruption a virus can have in our lives, I believe that this might just be the push we need to review our lifestyles and take better care of our immunity and the immunity of those we love.

I am here to serve you. 

To learn more about how we can help you – schedule your FREE discovery call and we will guide you on your next steps.

Wishing you abundant health, 


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