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Online And Social Media Marketing

Ultimate Branding Blueprint Training Course - Highly Recommended!

Here is how you get a BLOG just like mine.  I built this blog by becoming a member of Tanya's Ultimate Blog Branding.  I can clearly say that I would not have this website built if it wasn't for this course.

You can buy the software used here but without the instructions and training, you will most likely be lost unless you are super technical (and you don't need ANY technical skills to do this).

You also learn how to create a BRAND online from scratch.  This is called attraction marketing - a must skill if you plan to be a leader in network marketing today. I am super excited by what I have learned so far and I can't wait to see the fruits of my labor over the next year.



Web Services

WPX Hosting - hosting service - must have for your self-managed WordPress site.

I have had hosting with different hosting services on shared servers. I recently moved my hosting services to WPX Hosting.  My last hosting service would take hours to get answer customer service calls.

Cheap and shared hosting providers are fine for many small sites receiving low and consistent traffic but will start to struggle (slow load times) when the sites become large with a lot of content and images and with higher traffic volume.  And if you send out an email campaign that causes spikes in traffic, you need a good reliable service.

WPX hosting has exceeded my expectations so far. They offer free migration of your website.  They offer a FREE SSL certificate which makes their rates very reasonable.

And their customer service is amazing. They are available instantly and extremely helpful.  I would recommend their services to any entrepreneur wanting a reliable service you don't need to think about. I was also able to drop a security service I was paying for previously saving me money moving to WPX Hosting.


Social Warfare is a lightweight, feature-packed social sharing plugin for hosted WordPress websites.  It is the ultimate solution for showing social share buttons on a WordPress blog.

It offers many great features such as content protection, share recovery, and a popular posts widget, among many others. It is used by many of the leading content creators. It is a premium plugin and I would say well worth the investment.

And you can become an affiliate just like I am here and earn referrals too.   Make sure you get your plugin here.