How to stay productive when life gets in the way?  Distractions and real-life issues are part of running your own entrepreneurial venture.  They are going to happen so you may as well be prepared.  So what does that look like?

What should you do to prepare for inevitable life issues?


Self-sabotage is something I have struggled with.  Just as I am getting results, something within will stop me from completing the journey.   Overcoming self-sabotage starts with awareness. Becoming aware of the distractions and how you react to them.

Learn the difference between non-urgent distractions and real-life issues.

Your why

They say your WHY needs to be so big it makes you cry. What I believe is that your why must be so critical to your future-self, you will build your business regardless of external distractions.

If you or someone you love falls ill, then this is a serious distraction and will take you away from your work at least partially.

Residual Income

This is why running your own home business and earning residual income is so critical in my humble opinion.  It means that when the proverbial #$%@ hits the fan, you are able to deal with the issues and adjust your work schedule accordingly.

If you are a corporate executive, no matter how much you are earning, you don’t have the flexibility to change your life when something serious shows up in your life.  Your employer is controlling your schedule, not you.

For me, the lack of personal control over my life was one of the key reasons I wanted to run my own home business. I want to control what I do with my time and not have outsourced control of my life to a corporation.

How to stay productive when life gets in the way – conclusion

In conclusion, as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to be productive when life gets in the way. You can re-arrange your work schedule to accommodate important events and use productivity tools to overcome mindless distractions.

What it comes down to is having great mindset habits.  You can get a FREE copy of my Mindset Hacks here.

And if you are curious to learn more about personally working with me, you can learn more at my Work with Clare page.



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Clare Kelway
Clare Kelway

Clare Kelway is a Women's Functional Medicine expert with a specialty in the Keto lifestyle and the CBD industry. She has been in Network marketing for 8 years and has grown and developed large teams. She is a recovered sugar addict, has lived on 4 continents and is a mom to 3. She teaches tools and hacks to grow your tribe from the comfort of your home.

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