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18 Questions you must ask before Scheduling your FM appointment

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a holistic system of medicine that encompasses all areas of your health including emotional, physical and mental. To learn more about Functional Medicine – check out this article we wrote

How is Kelway Functional Medicine different from other clinics?

This is a frequently asked question. Firstly, every Functional Medicine practice is different due to the different specialties of the leading practitioner. At Kelway Functional Medicine, we work mainly with women who need help with hormones, digestion and detoxification/metabolism. 

However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t help your family members who may not fall into this category.  Every health issue involves hormones, digestion and detoxification pathways. If you have questions about whether we can help you or your family member, schedule your FREE Discovery Call with our team.

Does Functional Medicine work – frequently asked questions?

Functional Medicine as already mentioned is a system of medicine that includes lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, lab results and supplementation.  The success of your program will lie in the partnership you establish with your practitioner and your willingness to undertake the lifestyle changes that are being recommended.  Functional medicine works but it is not a quick-fix like taking an antibiotic can seem. It is a process of changing the way your body and your mind is communicating in a more holistic and healthy way.  We don’t recommend our services to anyone who is seeking a quick fix to their long term chronic health issues.

However, Functional medicine is very effective at reversing long -term chronic health issues if you are willing to do the work and follow the professional directions you are given.  

If you decide to change course, during the program, you can expect your results to differ from what is laid out at the start.  Sometimes, clients are attracted to the shiny penny syndrome. Something else that seems faster, cheaper and more effective pops up during the program.  And you may be experiencing frustration that your body is not changing quick enough – making you vulnerable to other possible solutions.

Changing direction is sure to reduce the effectiveness of your program and we reserve the right to terminate your program at this point if you are seeking alternative solutions alongside ours.  It is not effective for either party to continue collaborating. 

What does an initial consultation cost?

Your initial consultation includes 50 minutes to 1 hour of consultation time with a practitioner; a detailed review of your health history; review of your intake forms; and a review of any existing labs you may want us to look at.

Functional medicine is certainly an investment in your health. However, how much is your health worth? If you knew that after doing the programs we put together for you, you would reclaim your life and be able to be the game changer you are designed to be, what would this be worth?

Therefore, with the right partner, Functional Medicine is not expensive. It is all relative and how much value you place on your health.

Initial Functional Medicine consultations can vary between $250 and $800 per hour depending on experience and demand for the particular professional you choose. At KFM, our fees are at the lower end of this range. We work diligently to serve as many women as possible. We will help you budget out your health programs to make it easier for you to afford our services and programs that are the best fit for you.

Once we have completed this review, we will prepare a health plan that will include lifestyle recommendations, lab recommendations and possibly some clinical supplementation if appropriate. You are under no obligation to proceed with us at this point.  Some clients book us for a detailed review so they can make better decisions about their health or they are seeking a consultative approach and looking for different input with their health.

If I do decide to proceed with the lab testing, how many labs am I likely to need to order?

This depends on the individual case but we always want to review your hormones and digestive health as a minimum.

These are functional tests that are not usually covered by insurance or run by your conventional medical doctor.  We may ask you to run blood testing as well and if your insurance covers these tests, you are welcome to get them run via your medical doctor. We do encourage you to share your results with your medical doctor for several reasons – keeping them in the loop of what you are doing with your health which is critical and also to show them the results that helps them to have more information from a medical perspective. 

No, but we will prioritize labs that we believe are essential to your program. If you are not able to order these at the time due to financial constraints, we will advise you that waiting until you can, is better for you and your health.  We will not offer any functional medicine recommendations without labs. We are an evidence-based practice and this is critical to the work that we offer.

Other clinics may offer you solutions without labs, such as using energy medicine techniques and kinesiology. Our lead practitioner comes from an Energetic Medicine background and she knows firsthand that these results are often varying by the minute, have their benefits and place in healing but are not Functional Medicine. We are quantum beings meaning that our electrical frequencies change constantly and there is no evidence that these tests are enduring and valid for this type of medicine.

This is why we only work with proven Functional and blood chemical lab testing because we can create a baseline of your health and retest for comparative purposes and to ensure that you are on the right track with your health.  

Can I order my lab tests myself outside of your clinic?

Yes, if they are the exact same lab tests that we are recommending then we have no issue in you ordering your own lab tests. However, we have repeatedly experienced situations where clients order their own labs and they are different from what we recommend and they have to repeat their orders with us costing time and more money. 

We know exactly what we need, and we offer very competitive pricing for labs so going elsewhere is not usually cost effective or practical.

How much on average will my entire program cost?

This is very individualized. Some people need to work with us for 3 – 4 months to correct their health issues and others work with us for 2 – 3 years before they are ready for a maintenance program. 

Your investment will be related to the health challenges you are dealing with. If you have a known chronic illness that has been going on for several years, then you can expect to be working with us for at least a year.  

Your costs will include consultations every 4 – 5 weeks to check in and adjust programs according to what is going on.  You will have lab test costs initially and every 6 months or so for retesting. And you will have monthly nutraceutical costs for clinical nutrition.  These programs can cost from $100 per month to about $500 per month for more complex cases.

When you restore your health, you will save vast sums of money that would have been spent on traditional chronic and critical care.  Functional medicine is a very cost effective investment when you realize the long term benefits of understanding your health and the health of your loved ones.  

Ultimately, we recommend clients go on a maintenance program that consists of a few necessary supplements, healthy diet and lifestyle habits.  Maintenance clients run 1-2 labs with us per year and have an annual wellness check consultation with us. 

If you recommend supplements, can I add them to my Amazon Prime order?

Look, we use Amazon too for convenience. 

However, when it comes to professional health products, quality is everything and we do not support or promote purchasing from Amazon. 

You cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of products.  It is easy for fraudulent companies to make their own labels and pretend that their products are the real deal. When you are investing in your health, you want to make sure you are getting genuine products from the professional health companies. And our pricing is such that we anticipate clients supporting our practice with your purchases while you are actively working with us. You are not under any obligation to do so but if you do, the pricing will be the same or better (we price match) and you will be helping us to continue our research and ongoing education in our field so we can serve you better. So frankly, if we can provide you with the service and products you require without any difference in price, why would you not want to support us in exactly the same way that we want to serve you to the highest level?

The products we use are clinically tested and proven by reputable health professional only companies. Once you go on a maintenance program, we recommend products that come from one of our partners that can be purchased for less than most health professional lines but are still very high quality. You can place an auto ship with the company for free shipping and regular delivery. We will work with you on the best combination for you at the time. 

If you have friends, who are not ready to work directly with us, we can help you direct them to this website so they can purchase quality health products we approve of.

Recently there was a court case involving health supplements on Amazon that were not genuine products.  Buyer beware! 

And when you purchase products outside of our clinic, we cannot vouch for the results you are getting. 

Do you accept health insurance?

No, we do not.  We are a cash practice.  When you pay for your products and services, we will provide you with a receipt for services rendered that you may submit to your insurance company if they cover some of our services. However, you are liable to pay for our services at the time of your consultation or order for products and labs.  

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of credit card including American Express. If you need to give us a personal check, it needs to be cleared by our bank before your consultation or delivery of products and labs. 

Do you offer discounts for Veterans, Retirees or Double appointments for families?

We have a family rate.  If one member of a family is an active client, then any subsequent members will be offered the family rate. This does not include the original member.  We reserve the right to offer our family rate to special case clients such as church workers, missionaries and veterans. This is by arrangement only. Ask about it at your Free Discovery Call

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, our suppliers do not accept returns so we no longer accept returns either.  Please make sure you only order what you require for your program. 

How do I place repeat orders?

You send an email to and we take care of it.  

Do you offer Free Shipping?

We offer FREE Shipping if your product order is over $99 excluding sales tax to 48 lower US states.  Hawaii and Alaska are by prior arrangement. International orders are by arrangement with us. You can discuss in your FREE Discovery call. We can make arrangements to work with certain countries. There are suppliers that are special order. Make sure to check with our Office Manager when ordering and confirm whether shipping will be charged or not.

Do you consult internationally?

Schedule your FREE Discovery call to discuss your health. We will arrange a zoom call for your international discovery call – you can call into the number provided.

What is Clare Kelway’s background?

Clare Kelway is a British Trained homeopathic practitioner and Naturopath.  She is trained and certified in Functional Medicine in the US.

She has been consulting with clients since 2003 and has seen thousands of clients with a range of health issues – mostly hormones, gut and detoxification.  

Clare reversed her own autoimmunity. She suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of the Epstein Barr Virus. She has had a diagnosis of Grave’s disease which she reversed naturally.  She uses her own experiences to help her clients.

She is always learning and attending professional courses to keep up with all the new developments in Functional Medicine. You want to ask about this when considering a Functional medicine practitioner. Not all practitioners are focused on research and ongoing personal and professional development.

She also currently consults with another leading clinic in gut health that keeps her current and at the forefront of Functional Medicine research.

Do you offer support between consultations?

Yes, we offer brief support for questions via email between consultations. If your questions are long and involve possible changes to your program, then we will let you know that you need to book a follow up consultation. More than 5 minutes to respond to an email, requires an appointment.

Do you offer programs or a la carte services?

We currently offer a la carte services to our clients. We find that clients like to control how many consultations they book and how long they work with us.  Since we are teaching you to take control of your health, it seems sensible that we want you to have control over the journey as well. If you need us to provide you with a program outline with costs, we can do this.  However, we charge for this service since it is individualized and requires our office manager to prepare this document for you. 

Do you offer nutritional services?

Clinical nutrition is an integral part of functional medicine and is part of every part of your program. What goes in your mouth is fundamental to your health!

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