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What brought Clare Kelway to Functional Medicine?

Clare Kelway’s journey to Functional Medicine started on a foggy November morning in Surrey, England. Clare had been suffering a wide range of digestive issues, immune problems and overall exhaustion. What Clare didn’t know was that she was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. The problem was that her medical doctors couldn’t help her either.  Later she was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease which is another metabolic issue. Clare had always thought that since she was slender and could eat more than her peers without any concerns, this meant that she was healthy – however over the next 2 decades, Clare was to learn just how damaged her metabolism actually was.  

Her journey brought her to functional medicine and root cause medicine.

How would you describe Clare Kelway’s practitioner style and the culture of Kelway Functional Medicine?

Clare Kelway is a compassionate and empathetic wellness coach.  She is deeply passionate about helping people reclaim their health and live a purposeful and happy life.  

Because Clare came to this work through her own health challenges, she knows firsthand what her clients are going through. 

In working with thousands of clients, she has established an empathetic style of professionalism.  Check out our testimonials page to hear from our clients directly.  The culture of our practice is to be empathetic and direct in our communication with our clients. 

She is a dedicated practitioner who focuses exclusively on women’s health using functional medicine and helping busy women reclaim their lives.   

What are Clare’s qualifications?

Before health, Clare trained in Actuarial Science and then gained a professional degree in Accounting and Corporate Administration.

After discovering her passion for health and helping women, Clare achieved her Diploma in Homeopathic Practice and Licence in 2003. Clare was Awarded the Samuel Hahnemann international Award for Homeopathic Services in 2004. She then became a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy.

She is also certified in Clinical Nutrition, Bio Energetic Medicine and then in 2016, she did the Mentorship program with the Kalish Institute in Functional Medicine. 

She has seen thousands of clients in her clinics since 2004. Her experience with complex women’s health cases is rare. Today she leads a virtual consulting practice from Erie, Colorado.

Clare Kelway’s journey to Functional Medicine has not been simple nor has it been easy. But Clare says that she is exactly where she is meant to be – helping time-strapped, confused, overwhelmed moms, women entrepreneurs and female business leaders take charge of their hormones, digestion and metabolic pathways.