What are the 10 key attributes of a network marketing leader?

What leadership attributes should you be looking for in your potential network marketing leader?   Sometimes I think we can be so excited that anyone might be the slightest bit interested in joining our team, we will compromise our values in order to get a result – any result!


And then you pay a heavy price when it never works out! 

Well, if you are me that is. 

So what should be looking for in potential network marketing partners? 

I think the easiest way to determine what attributes you should have is by looking at your mentors who are earning the money you want to earn and are the example you want to be.

Don’t take advice from broke people who don’t have what you want! ” 

Studying my mentors and reviewing what it is that differentiates them, I came up with these 10 leadership attributes.  What drives them?  I believe these 10 attributes drive their daily habits and their results.

High Self-Worth

The first attribute of a network marketing leader is self-worth. People with high self-worth don’t focus on themselves. They focus on others and keep their ego in check.   They don’t let other people’s opinions affect them negatively.  They keep their eyes on their vision and goals.

Relationships and Community Focused

A Network Marketing leader is compassionate and wants to learn about others.  They are great listeners and make others feel good about themselves. 

They are focused on building communities of like-minded people: their tribes!


Integrity is the most important value in my life! A great network marketing leader has high integrity. They will not compromise their values for results.  They hold themselves to high standards and values are very important to them.  Sandra Yancey, CEO of Ewomen Network says that starting each meeting by reading the company’s values made a quantum shift in results and performance.


Having a heart of gratitude is a key attribute of a network marketing leader.  Being grateful on a daily basis has a massive impact on growing teams.  I have found that most successful leaders incorporate gratitude exercises into their daily lives.  It is not random, it is a focused daily activity.


A successful network marketing leader is a disciplined person.  They focus on the basic activities daily that make the greatest difference to their results.  And they repeat these activities over and over. 

And with self-discipline comes organization.  They are organized.  They work smart, not hard because they focus on the one thing.

The one thing that will make the biggest difference at any moment.


A Network Marketing Leader is teachable. They are always learning and honing their skills.  They make learning an important attribute in their lives.

They aim to consistently become a better person. Once again it is not random, it is a consistent habit of purpose and focus.


A Network Marketing Leader has a high level of competency in the skills that pertain to their business.

They focus on these skills together with the mindset that accompanies the skills.


A Network Marketing Leader is naturally visionary. 

  • They are creative 
  • They can imagine the outcomes in the future that they are working towards. 
  • It is their vision that keeps them focused on the daily habits.
  • They have clarity about where they are going and can explain this clearly to their teams.
  • They have pictures in their mind of the future where they intend to go.   

They have visionary wisdom and Faith – believe and trust in the future without knowing the outcome.


 A Network Marketing Leader is consistent with their activities and the other attributes listed here.  They don’t waver. Again, this can relate to their vision and clarity about the future. 

They know where they are going and their daily consistent activity is HOW they are getting there.


And lastly, but definitely not least, summing it all up, a network marketing leader is focused.  They set the plan and then they work the plan on a daily, consistent basis.  It drives them. 

And then when they reach their goals, they set new goals so they are consistently improving.  Focus is so critical in today’s world of distraction. 

We are all being bombarded by social media and other distractions.  The world is always trying to knock us off our pathway.  Leaders remain true to the path they have set themselves.

Learning to reset the sail with the changing winds rather than permitting ourselves to be blown in a direction we did not purposely choose requires the development of a whole new discipline.  – Jim Rohn” 

Concluding the 10 key attributes of a network marketing leader

How does knowing the 10 key attributes of your network marketing leader help you when considering potential business builders for your team?  

As a network marketing leader, you should be clear with your prospects about what is expected of them. This is not a  get-rich-quick scheme. 

There is high-value personal development work to be done.

You need a system with a great onboarding process.  If you plug your new recruits into these systems, then you will see who rises to the challenge. 

If someone is not willing to plug in, then I would keep them informed but don’t spend your most limited resource, namely time with them. 

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Clare Kelway
Clare Kelway

Clare Kelway is a Women's Functional Medicine expert with a specialty in the Keto lifestyle and the CBD industry. She has been in Network marketing for 8 years and has grown and developed large teams. She is a recovered sugar addict, has lived on 4 continents and is a mom to 3. She teaches tools and hacks to grow your tribe from the comfort of your home.

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