Great To Meet You, I'm Clare Kelway FMP

Mom, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Autoimmune Survivor!

I went from burned out corporate executive to helping thousands of women and men get back their energy and health know-how to lead a purpose-driven life they love.

I get you.  I too was sick and tired of being sick and tired 20 years ago. I did the rounds of multiple specialists with medical titles I couldn't pronounce. Nothing showed up.

I was a corporate leader with tight deadlines. I didn't have time to be sick. Imagine my horror when one foggy November morning, I couldn't get out of bed.

I had hit burnout.


“Being a Functional Medicine Practitioner really means I am a health detective, coach and facilitator on your health journey" - Clare Kelway


My doctors told me I was probably faking my symptoms and that I should just take some anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory meds and I would feel better.  Frustrated, I realized that I had to become my own physician. That was the beginning of a 4-year journey to heal my health and become a homeopathic practitioner.  I have transformed my life from burned out executive to loving life as a health professional helping others. 

More recently, I have trained in Functional Medicine.  I run my virtual practice from Erie, Colorado and help people virtually with their health challenges. 

I specialize in helping busy time-strapped women reverse their exhaustion, hormone issues, digestive challenges and metabolism by getting to their health root causes and developing strategies for long term health and bountiful energy. 

If you are ready to learn more about how we can serve you - schedule your FREE  Discovery Call. 

3 Things I believe in very strongly about your health

  • Hormones and Digestive health are intertwined and you can't treat the one without the other. Lab testing of both hormones and gut is key to unraveling root causes of health issues.
  • You are in charge of your own health and I am a guide who will walk alongside you during your health journey.
  • Virtual consultations are an efficient, cost-effective and convenient way to deliver Functional Medicine services wherever you live. Travel, traffic and distance to the nearest FM practitioner is often a challenge. Book a consultation from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

“I am so grateful that God gave me three amazing sons! I am blessed beyond measure, especially given that I was told I would never have children.  Your health is everything.” - Clare Kelway

My mission is to educate you to become your healthiest person so you can realize your live's purpose on this planet. 

I lead the mission at Kelway Functional Medicine employing a focused approach to chronic disease prevention using nutrition, diet and exercise.  I use the latest lab testing and I am constantly researching new developments in lab tests for improved outcomes.

I make use of nutrient-dense foods, botanical medicine along with supplements, therapeutic diets where appropriate, detoxification strategies and stress management techniques to help you. The FM approach is high-tech and high-touch.

I consider all aspects of your health including hormones, gut health and detoxification pathways. You are a combination of genetics and environmental influences.

Together we are seeking the root cause of your health issues and creating a workable plan for reversing your health challenges. 

I am your coach and facilitator as you progress through your program.  

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I am grateful for my life as a health professional, entrepreneur, mom, wife and daughter of the King.

When I am not consulting with clients or cooking for friends and family, you will find me in the great outdoors of Colorado.

I love to hike, ski, snowshoe, fish and camp.

John W John W

Clare Kelway is amazing and truly a God send for me.  She has taught me so much about clinical nutrition. She knows her stuff and I know she is helping me to win the battle I have been fighting. I recommend her to so many people. 

Tina H Tina H

Clare Kelway has been my path maker to health, she has taught me so much and listens carefully to me. My physical condition has made a turnaround and my immunity is strengthened. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

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