Great To Meet You, I'm Clare Kelway

Are you tired of not having the time or money you know you deserve?

Me too!

I gave up a lucrative corporate consulting career the day my second son was born. The year was 2001.  I was living in Oxshott, England. I had continued to work my career after my eldest son, Jamie was born.  It became more and more emotionally draining for me to leave him each morning. By the time I returned in the evening, he was already asleep.  I hardly saw him.

Picture the day I left for work late one morning because a contractor was coming to my home to quote for some work.  When she turned up, Jamie (18 months old) hid and clung tightly to the back of my legs because he thought yet another nanny had arrived to take care of him. If you are a mom, I am sure you can relate to the agony of leaving your very young children in the care of others while you work to keep the lights on.  It wasn't what I imagined after dreaming of motherhood for so long.

That day in 2001, I declared to myself that I was never returning to any 2 hour commute to London.

I had been studying natural medicine at night after recovering from a serious illness using alternative strategies.  I decided I would open my own practice and work close to home so I could be flexible and present for my children.

How wrong could I be!

I gave up the privileges of a high paid corporate career for longer hours growing my own business.  And while I did grow a successful business, it didn't give me the freedom I had been hoping for.  My children continued to be cared for by other people.

 Swapping Quadrant 1 for Quadrant 2


If you have read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" you know the principles of the 4 quadrants of types of income.  I swapped employee (quadrant 1) for self-employed (quadrant 2) and I learned the hard way that working for myself meant longer hours for less pay.   Not a great choice.

But it was to take me a decade to finally grasp this concept.

“I am so grateful that after years of infertility, God gave me three amazing sons! I am blessed beyond measure.” - Clare Kelway

Introduction To Network Marketing

In 2010 I was introduced to Network Marketing by a Facebook friend.  He shared the company with me because it had developed an awesome health technology.  I was intrigued by the product but didn't understand the business model. I told everyone about the science; they bought the product but no one shared with others.

As a health professional with an Actuarial background, I was trained to be the expert.   I began to think Network Marketing wasn't for me. I continued to share the product and earn a small steady residual income but definitely not the 7-figures I had seen some people earning.

A Defining Experience

In May 2014, I signed up for a Mastermind Retreat with Eric and Marina Worre in Mexico. This 5-day event changed my thinking.

I was exposed to top earners and heard how they think.  I saw the power of what Network Marketing could offer. I realized that different types of people including lawyers, doctors, architects, flight attendants, nurses and moms are turning to Network Marketing because their current careers don't give them the freedom they want.

Making A Decision

A few years went by, I was struggling with another serious illness and nothing much changed. I was becoming frustrated by my lack of duplication results.

Then one day in October 2017 I made a decision.  I had started to get better from the illness I had been suffering with and I was ready for a new chapter.  I decided to interview some of the leaders I had met at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery and find a mentor who could help me breakthrough.

I found mentors partnered with a company that has all the pillars of success I will teach you to find.  The bonus is that they live only a few miles from my home.  It wouldn't matter if they lived across the country.  They have walked the path I am walking and they have the mindset that is required to get to the top.

What I have learned on my journey is that skills alone will not get you the results in Network Marketing you are seeking. Network Marketing is different from running a health consultancy. It is very different from working a corporate 9 am to 5 pm job or a 7 am to 11 pm job.  I learned the 7 Network Marketing skills attending Eric Worre events, reading books, listening to audios and watching videos.

But something was missing. I wasn't ready to face rejection over and over to get to the key leaders who will walk this journey with me.


Teaming up with mentors just as I have done is essential to design the life you want using Network Marketing as a vehicle.  My mentors have helped me to ignite the determination and drive within me to study high performance habits daily and put in the work to ensure I stay the course regardless of distractions around me.

You can too! Let ME show you how to have the time and money freedom you deserve. 

This website teaches the daily mindset disciplines and routines that anyone wanting to build a successful network marketing business must have.

My life as a burned-out corporate executive, mom and health professional led me to quiet desperation, an internal scream that I deserve more than trading time for dollars. And there is a contribution I am on Earth to make to other people's lives on a leveraged scale I couldn't do in my health consultancy. 

I am here to help you find meaning and purpose in your life too.   You know you deserve more.  You are not scared of hard work as long as the work is moving you towards your mission and vision.  Whatever you are seeking from life, there is no better way than Network Marketing IF you join a team that will partner with you  every step of the way.

 As you start your business, you will need tools to build online and manage your network.  You can start getting your online tools together today by going to my resources page.

Please don't try to learn all of this on your own.  Find those who have the results you are seeking and team up.  Technology is critical to growing a large team, especially internationally if your company is global.   You will have to combine these skills with the mindset of a winner. If you are intrigued to learn more about my business, visit my work with Clare page.

My sincere wish for you is that you will decide to change your life starting today.

It's great to meet you my new friend!

Let me know if I can add value to you or your Business!