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Here are 5 Productivity Tools that will help you maximize your day.  These are some of the favorites that I personally use in my business and at home to be more organized.


Trello is a project management tool that is a great way to keep projects and tasks organized. You can use it to manage work projects, team projects and home projects such as meal planning and vacations.  What I love about Trello is its simplicity.  It is a series of digital boards that you use to manage your activity. For a virtual business, you can have boards for prospecting, following up, customers, business partners and so on.  Trello has approximately 25 million users which speak for its ease of use and effectiveness.


Dropbox is a powerful cloud storage service.  It is effective for sharing documents among your team members and business partners.  You can also store videos, pictures, and presentations.   When starting out, there is a FREE version and also a PREMIUM version as your storage needs grow.

There is concern about the security of Dropbox.  They have had some security breaches in the past and thus I don’t recommend you keep sensitive data on your Dropbox account.

Procrastor App

Procrastor App a fantastic app for helping you with procrastination. If you are anything like me, procrastination is a  daily issue.  It is part of the human condition I believe.

Do you agree?

So a little help can go a long way.   I like the timer element – it is set to 25 minutes and it has been shown that this is a very effective block of time to get things done.  I use it to help me get blog posts written in a timely manner.

Still working on the 25 minutes part but hey, at least I am working on it!

For me, it helps to chunk down large projects into smaller, manageable chunks.


I use Evernote on my phone to take notes in meetings. I can even record a meeting.  What I like about it is I take a lot of notes.

I am always jotting down thoughts and notes wherever I go.  Then I have to be able to FIND my notes and Evernote does a really good job of this.


I have used lastpass for about 6 years.  Of the 5 productivity tools, Lasspass has definitely been the most impactful for my daily life.  Before I had this tool, my password management was a disaster. When I needed a password, I would dig out a piece of paper and look for the password I needed. Then I moved to a spreadsheet. This was not a very good secure way of managing passwords.

Since installing Lastpass I haven’t had to think about passwords. And it is amazing how many software tools I am subscribed to. When there are security issues, Lastpass lets me know. And you can have a premium account for $2 per month. You have 1 master password for your account. This is such a worthy tool for your life.  There is also a family plan for $4 per month with up to 6 users.

5 Productivity Tools conclusion

Which of these 5 productivity tools do you love?  What has been your experience with any of these?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Clare Kelway
Clare Kelway

Clare Kelway BS DIHom (UK) HHP FMP is a Functional Medicine expert with a specialty in women's health issues including hormones, gut and metabolic detox. She is a mom who has reversed her own autoimmunity and now teaches creative entrepreneurs how to take back control of their health, focus and productivity. Drop a line below or let's get connected on social media at @clarekelway.  

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