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Mary Kay Review – Good Business Choice for Stay-At-Home Mom?

by Clare Kelway on January 1, 2010 · 3 comments

Mary Kay beauty products are sold in more than 35 countries and the company has more than 1.8 million independent consultants! Mary Kay was founded back in 1963 (great year that) and has achieved double-digit growth every year since then! This is impressive so whenever I read negative stories about Mary Kay, I check out who may be writing these – it is usually a bitter, unsuccessful consultant who wants to put a negative slant on the company and running a Mary Kay business.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, is this a good choice of a work-from-home opportunity?

Like any work-from-home business, you firstly have to consider that it is a business. No matter what hours you intend to put into your business, if you treat it as a hobby, it will re-pay you as a hobby. Hobbies tend to cost money, they don’t bring in money. What experience do you have running a home-based business? What is your background? These are factors that must be considered when deciding on an opportunity.

Mary Kay is firstly a direct sales business and you get paid commissions on all products sold in your overall team so therefore recruiting other members of your team is also part of the deal. Most people come into this business thinking that they are about to realise a dream without knowing what it really entails. Pushy sales-people will try to persuade you that just introducing these products to your family and friends will bring about financial freedom and dreams most people never touch. Sadly, this is why there is a 97% failure rate in most home-based direct sales businesses.

Don’t be fooled, you need to learn how to market offline and online. Friends and family are a great start for your promotion techniques but will never grow your business sufficiently to provide a real income. Mary Kay favors those who like to give home parties. Make-up is definitely a product that benefits from in-person demonstations. This makes recruiting online more difficult, but the internet is a great place to connect with people who live in your local area so don’t dismiss it. Without internet skills, I don’t believe any home-based business will survive today.

Start up costs are $150 to join and if you want a Mary Kay web-site, it will cost you $75 per annum. Once you have this set-up, you will need to start promoting and this will cost you too.

The plus factors are that Mary Kay is a stable company and has great products. You don’t need to fear that the company will go bust on you. So your first consideration is whether you love make-up and skin-care and whether this is something you could be passionate about. I always recommend to my students that they find a company that they feel passionate about. This will make the growing pains easier and keep you more focused during tough times.

In the end, you need to know that it is not the company that will determine your success, but you. I do believe that Mary Kay could be a great choice for a stay-at-home mom, but make sure you are ready to get the training necessary to build your business online and offline. You have to have excellent marketing skills to make it with any company in today’s competitive environment.

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