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Success in Network Marketing is fundamentally made up of four steps – invite, follow up, close and teach. My experiences And I am writing about this topic today because I have been really poor at inviting people to take a look at my business. It is still work in progress but since I have been [...]

In honor of all my Irish Friends and Followers – here is a wonderful Celebration of St Patrick’s’Day – you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO – ENJOY!! Ant and Dec are amazing!! Who would have said that they can dance like this? Equipping You For Abundant Success, Image (s) –

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable and watch this video – absolutely amazing! Hopefully it will make you realize that anything is possible!

This video is a must-watch video for anyone interested or affected by cancer. Dr Burzynski is a very brave man driven by his cause to help people. Thanks to Dr Mercola for sharing this story on his website and you can read the entire story there. When are we all the same? Each of us [...]

Here I share 8 tips with you for maintaining your health over the Festive Season.  This will enable you to enjoy good food, family and friendship without risking your health!  This is a time when foods eaten tend to be high in fats and sugars and our intake of fruits and vegetables plummets from an [...]