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Inspiring you to health at Kelway Health

The power of Acemannan to heal

300px-AcemannanThe power of Acemannan is extraordinary.

Aloemannan-FX is organic aloe vera.  It grows on a tropical volcanic island. A proprietary freeze drying method processes the monosaccarides at the time of harvest. This method is designed to maximally preserve the short chain, immune-supporting polysaccharide called acemannan.  Acemannan is naturally inherent in aloe.  To learn more about polysaccharides read more. You will learn how they are critical to your immune system.

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Emotional Repolarization Technique

Emotional repolarization technique with Kelway health

What is emotional repolarization technique?

Emotional repolarization technique ( ERT) is a very powerful way to release and re-polarize negative emotional issues.  It is a simple and effective method of identifying and eliminating emotional burdens/ blocks.  It resets negative thought patterns that are affecting and often impeding healing and recovery. Emotional blockages can certainly prevent a person from healing from their health issues or even prevent a person from achieving their potential. Emotional blockages can prevent you from losing weight, overcoming addictions, sleeping peacefully, enjoying healthy relationships or getting that promotion at work.

We teach you how to use this simple and effective emotional repolarization technique in the comfort of your home.

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Holistic Health Assessment

Kelway Health Holistic Medicine

What to expect when you book a holistic health assessment!

Coming to an alternative health clinic can be intimidating.

Health is intimidating to most people. We really understand this and that’s why we offer a free initial consultation to help put you at ease and help you to understand more about who we are, what we do and how we may be able to help you.

By the time you get to this appointment, you should have already met us either in person or via phone.

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What is the right appointment for me?

what is the right appointment for me

What is the right appointment for me?

Your first step with Kelway Health is always a complimentary ( FREE) strategy session in our clinic or via phone.

Even local people sometimes book a phone appointment because it is easier and you don’t have to get in your vehicle to speak with us.

This 15 – 20 minute strategy session will determine the right appointment for you.

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Preparing for your full assessment with Kelway Health

what is the right appointment for me

Full assessment with Kelway Health

Before your full assessment at Kelway Health, you will be asked to complete a client information form and health history.

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out these forms if you haven’t completed them yet.  Hopefully you have completed them online so this step is not necessary.

It is also helpful to bring along copies of previous tests, lab results and the names of any medications or natural supplements you are taking.

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Liver and GallBladder Cleanse

liver cleanse

This is how you do the liver and gallbladder cleanse.  This is for people who still have their gallbladder.  And remember that you must do the 5 day preparation prior to this cleanse for most efficient and best results.


We start this cleanse on a Friday.  You can do this any day of the week but do the 5 day preparation before embarking on this cleanse! Don’t take short cuts!!  This is your health and you will get the results you are seeking when you do the cleanse as outlined here.

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5 day Preparation for Liver Cleansing

Apple Cider Vinegar by Braggs

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Here is your 5 day preparation for liver cleansing.   Like anything – the key is in the preparation.  Preparing for your liver cleanse goes beyond the physical.  This is also a mental and emotional preparation.

From an emotional perspective – your liver stores anger so prepare to release anger.  Prepare to relax.

Your preparation time is five days prior the cleanse. For example if you are working – you can prepare for your cleanse Monday to Friday and carry out the cleanse on Friday night. This will give you Saturday and Sunday to recover and rest.

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